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You may have a lot more questions on your mind that I am here to assist with. 
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It is difficult to discuss the emotional challenges that you are struggling with and even more difficult to initiate a therapy process with a complete stranger. You might want to know more about me and my approach to therapy before making any commitments – which is why I recommend that you start with a free clarity consultation.

This will give you the opportunity to share your current life situation and to receive as much information as possible on the life- changing methods I use with therapy and coaching.

Let me help you become the best version of yourself. My passion and practical experience combined with my wide range of qualifications, language and cultural diversity, can help you overcome your perceived limitations and become empowered and fulfilled individuals in your personal life as well as in your relationships and careers.

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Degrees and Certifications

M.A. International Business and French
MSc. Psychology
NLP Master Practitioner
Life Coach Master Practitioner
Certified Time Paradigm Technique Practitioner
Hypnosis Master Practitioner
Certified Relationship Coach

Psychotherapy trainings and studies include

Counselling and Psychotherapy
Business Psychology
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Neuropsychology in Education
Criminal Psychology

Empower Your Inner-self, Empower Yourself.

Reinstate the belief in your inner self and find your true potential