Corporate Coaching

Empower your People, Empower your Business.

What is Corporate Coaching?

Corporate Coaching is a collaborative process that focuses on the professional growth and development of individuals working within an organization. Corporate Coaching can help a team to work harmoniously and inculcate a culture of mutual respect. When the goals, objectives and mission of a business are in line with an individual’s values and career goals, the employee is more dedicated, productive and more receptive towards the business goals. Corporate coaching lead to a more satisfied and dedicated staff, which in turn leads to more satisfied customers and improved organizational performance. It can be customized in consonance with the professional requirements of an organization.

Corporate coaching
Executive Coaching in Dubai

Conflict or behavioural problems

Corporate Counselor - Increase Productivity

Increasing efficiency and productivity

Professional Coaching

Building and retaining high-performance teams

Corporate Coaching Issue resolving

Identifying underlying issues or problem spots

Leadership Skills

Finding and retaining top talent

Corporate Coaching in Dubai

Greater demands with fewer resources

Corporate Coaching - Increased Confidence

Cultivating confidence and courage

Leading Best Teams

Empowering Managers to lead the best teams

Executive Coaching Leaders

Transitions such as mergers or restructuring

Corporate Profitability

High turnover

Leadership Coaching - Employee Satisfaction

Keeping employees happy and productive

Team Building in Dubai

Developing team collaboration skills

Future Leaders

Leading diverse teams and developing future leaders

Executive Coaching in Dubai

Engaging with empowerment and empathy

Youth Leadership skills

Motivating millennials


Life Coaching

Life Coaching is a collaborative partnership where I will help you unleash your full potential and achieve desired results. I will be your accountability partner, trusted mentor, motivator and biggest support who will inspire and push you to reach your goals. If you want to achieve personal excellence then embark on this self-growth journey from a Certified Hypnosis Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner.

Corporate Coaching

In today’s fast paced work environment it is important to motivate your staff, managers and teams to enhance and sustain personal and professional effectiveness by the help of corporate coaching. I have helped companies and businesses realize the importance that Employees Comes First and as a result these loyal and valuable employees play an integral part in their growth story.

Executive Coaching

This one to one coaching is aimed at helping passionate leaders and managers achieve utmost performance and empower them with tools to achieve their desired goals. Being a Certified Coach Practitioner I assist people to see their professional deficiencies and harness their skills of communication as interpersonal dynamics are important for career advancement.

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Why is Corporate Coaching important?

A business that understands that investment in its people is investment in the business is bound to reach bigger goals. By working with a corporate coach the business successfully uncovers the key strengths and specialized talents of its workforce and effectively achieves immediate as well as long term success. Corporate Coaching is an ideal way to change the culture in corporations. Drastic increase in profits,  improved performance and higher productivity as well as a decrease in internal attrition, problems and conflicts gives businesses the unique and much needed competitive advantage. A satisfied, happy and focused team plays a vital role in the achievement of strategic goals and operational objectives.

Nassima Gough Menari - A Corporate Coach

As a Corporate coaching I connect the personal beliefs and values of individuals and focus on developing a common vision. I have wide experience of helping businesses establish a positive work culture through the use of the therapeutic techniques of corporate coaching. I help clarifythe values, purpose and vision of the corporates by

  • Strengthening employee communication and relationships through empowerment and accountability
  • Guiding people, departments and teams through transitions with ease (mergers, restructuring, etc.)
  • Cultivating a company culture of ongoing employee growth and development
  • Increasing employee engagement, collaboration and retention
  • Attracting and developing top talent and team leaders
  • Handling of stress while maintaining a balance between health, lifestyle and work
  • Instill determination, professionalism and positive energy among the people
  • Aligning all business elements – marketing, hiring, partnerships, sales teams etc. with the newly empowered company you are creating

Empower Your Mind, Empower Your Life.

Get guidance and unconditional support to ease through the obstacles in your life and business and reach new heights.