Emotional, Sexual, Physical Abuse Recovery

Successful Recovery with Nassima Gough-Menari

The main framework of what I do with clients who have been in this appalling situation, is to delve into their subconscious beliefs and their subconscious conditioning using various emotional health therapy techniques to quickly and effectively resolve unprocessed negative emotions and beliefs.

I then coach my clients to engage in adopting a new empowered mindset that will completely shift how they process their old traumas and will enable them to move forward with peace and embrace the life they so deserve.

Abuse Recovery, Abuse Therapy

Be a survivor not a victim

Abuse survivors may have intense, negative feelings long after the abuse has ended. They may face emotional health issues like anxiety, flashbacks, and depression. They also find it harder to find peace and happiness in life. But there is light at the end of the tunnel; you will survive and thrive. An emotional health therapist, using a winning combination of therapy and coaching will not only help in dissolving the negative impact of abuse but also empower the survivors to live a happy, fulfilling life.

See what my clients have to say

I approached Nassima for with a somewhat skeptical mind, however always eager to learn. During our Hypnosis session which was part of my healing process, Nassima walked me through the steps, explaining everything clearly. Thank you Nassima for helping me to heal the past and create the life I deserve.

Natasha A. - UK

Nassima is a wonderful Emotional Heath Practitioner. She helped me remove all my negative emotions – What a relief since then! Thank you.

A.G. - UAE

Empower Your Mind, Empower Your Life.