Nassima Gough-Menari

Emotional Health Therapist and Corporate Coach

Internationally recognized Emotional Health Therapist & Master Coach Nassima Gough- Menari

The Empower Practice offers Emotional Health Therapy and Coaching for individuals and Executive and Corporate Coaching for professionals and companies.

I work with a broad range of both individuals and corporate clients both here in the UAE and internationally, including the UK, Ireland, Australia and North America..
My approach is client-centered, offering dynamic, effective and proven methods, tools and techniques.

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With a passion for Psychology and self-development since my early teens, I furthered my studies and completed my MSc. in Psychology from Middlesex University, followed by qualifying as a highly trained Certified NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Master Coach, , Certified Time Paradigm Technique Master Practitioner and Certified Hypnosis Master Practitioner. I worked in various corporate sales-driven roles for nearly two decades before embarking on my true passion and purpose – therapy and coaching with The Empower Practice by Nassima Gough-Menari.

Many researches have proven that language plays an integral role in therapy and therapeutic relationships. I benefit from a fluent command of 3 languages (English, Arabic and French) and exposure to diverse cultures to build alliance, a feeling of ease and trust with my clients to truly understand their issues and suggest solutions.

I, Nassima Gough-Menari, provide both face-to-face and online, therapy and coaching services to a broad range of individual and corporate clients based around the world. My passion and practical experience combined with my extensive range of qualifications, language skills and cultural diversity, offers my clients the best possible opportunity to overcome their perceived limitations and become truly empowered.

Degrees and Certifications

M.A. International Business and French
MSc. Psychology
NLP Master Practitioner
Life Coach Master Practitioner
Certified Time Paradigm Technique Practitioner
Hypnosis Master Practitioner
Certified Relationship Coach

Psychotherapy trainings and studies include

Counselling and Psychotherapy
Business Psychology
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Neuropsychology in Education
Criminal Psychology

How do I know if The EMPOWER Practice is right for my needs?

When working with an Emotional Health and Wellness Coach, it is imperative that you have a good connection, trust and excellent chemistry.  We offer 30 minute complimentary consultation in order to know each other better and to understand your needs. Click now to avail this opportunity.