Nassima Gough-Menari

These are not just therapist reviews; they are the results that my clients have achieved in a very short space of time to enable them to overcome a lot of immense pain and become entirely empowered individuals. Nothing compares to hearing from my clients themselves about how our work together has brought such impactful change to their lives.

I attended a professional workshop by Nassima where she spoke about mindset and limiting beliefs. Honestly, I felt like she was speaking directly to me. I immediately signed up to work with her on a one-to-one basis. After each session, I could feel the physical relief and lightness as each limiting belief I clung onto, was not just lifted but dissolved. I feel positive and strong and capable of living my best life. My mind is now set on what is possible, and no longer on what is holding me back.

Nassima is attentive and personable. She listens with purpose. She is the first professional coach I’ve worked with where I felt 100% heard and seen. The journey I started with her will lead to great things. I am forever grateful.

When I first started seeing Nassima, I was struggling with lots of negative thinking about myself, my life and my future. Thanks to our time together, I have completely changed my thinking process by dissolving negative emotions and beliefs stemming from my childhood.

On a day-to-day basis, my thinking has changed so much. I feel empowered and have found a divine love and acceptance for myself. I now live in the present moment as opposed to being consumed with the past and anxious about the future
I am so happy and proud of myself for going through this journey. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to change their personal and professional life and create the results they want.

Nassima is one of the nicest people I have ever met. She was brilliant in every session and made me feel so comfortable.

To say I was skeptical on the outset of this journey is an understatement. I couldn’t understand how I would benefit. How would I be able to overcome my issues?

I can’t thank Nassima enough. She has helped me overcome my self-limiting thoughts and beliefs to become confident in who I am. I reached out to Nassima at a junction in my life where I was feeling stuck; my life took an unexpected turn of events. Nassima was super understanding and patient. She was constantly checking in on me, showing what a beautiful soul she is. I now feel empowered and inspired in everything that I do in life and business.

I would like to thank Nassima for putting an end to my Limiting Belief. My sessions brought around transformation, evolvement and confidence to handle any situation.

O.M. - UAE

Nassima has the most enchanting voice you can imagine, in every sense of the word. Her voice, combined with her exceptional skills, helped me heal myself. Thanks a million!

Christina - Germany

I approached Nassima for with a somewhat skeptical mind, however always eager to learn. During our Hypnosis session which was part of my healing process, Nassima walked me through the steps, explaining everything clearly. Thank you Nassima for helping me to heal the past and create the life I deserve.

Natasha A. - UK

Nassima is a wonderful Emotional Heath Practitioner. She helped me remove all my negative emotions – What a relief since then! Thank you.

A.G. - UAE

Nassima was very detailed in explaining the causes and effects of the block I’ve been struggling with that I couldn’t overcome for a long time She helped me understand the solution very easily. She is really talented and intuitive. I recommend Nassima’s services for your emotional well being

Ayesha Peiris, Dubai, UAE

I am so grateful for Nassima’s excellent tools and techniques that helped me overcome years of built up anxiety and trauma from a marriage and subsequent divorce. I couldn’t recommend her more!!

N , Dubai, UAE